Celebrity Endorsements on Social-media to promote your Business . . .

We specialize in booking celebrities to endorse your business on their social media. For example, we can arrange celebrity Twitter ads and celebrity endorsements on Facebook as well as on Vine, Tumblr and other social media sites (text, photo, or video). With some of the celebrities we can book for you having several million followers, the value can be immense.

The big PR agencies can regularly charge huge prices for a celebrity endorsements on social media, because it provides a business with such a great return on the investment.

Many big-name brands, (including eBay, Texas Pete, Green Mountain Gringo Salsa, Chiquita Bananas and others, see our examples) have had multiple celebrity social-media endorsements using the same celebrities that are available to your business. These brands would only do this more than once if it really works. If you think only huge brands can afford our service, think again . . . you’ll be surprised how cost-effective it is.

As you might realize that the celebrity Tweet (or Facebook update, blog post etc.) itself is not even the biggest value you get from this service . . . you can get even more benefit from being able to mention the comment by the celebrity about your business on your website, emails, blog, newsletters, brochures, advertising, news articles and other media. That can help you really stand out from the competition in the long-term.

As a specialist celebrity endorsement agency we can offer you this exciting talent endorsement service at a great price (see our other pages for the price for some of the celebrities we can offer, we also charge a $150 consultancy fee initially), but keep in mind that each celebrity will have a strict limit on how many endorsements they will do in any time-period, and our service as a celebrity endorsement booking agent is growing fast, so the most suitable celebrity for your business might not be available for long.

For a few of our currently available celebrities see our pages :

General celebrities.
Beauty-related businesses.
Unusual-food-related businesses.
Restaurants and food-related businesses.

Or tell us about your business and we’ll find the available celebrity who is the best match for your business.

You can also see our page on how the process of celebrity endorsement works, it’s really simple.

If you have any questions, do contact us, and we will be happy to help find the best celebrity endorsement for you.